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hneymoon-kerala-1-300x300Every couple wants a wedding cake that has looks to die for and tastes like a brilliant burst of flavours. In any wedding menu, the cake itself is probably the most high profile item. As such, it has to stand out like a diamond. It should make a bold statement and yet be completely romantic. To that effect “Iced With Elegance”, from Preston, in the United Kingdom works on generating more romantic yet truly picturesque adornments.

The exterior of the cake is very special and that is because, it is what everybody sees. The first impression is the most important and therefore, the look of the cake has to make a statement. This statement flows in the form of its adornments, embellishments and other decorations. In case of a wedding cake, all the decorations should weave a fairytale.

Bling – a little bling or sparkle can be added to your wedding cake in the form of cake jewellery that is edible. It is usually made from clear sugar syrup that is hardened. Similarly, fondant that has been pearlized can be used. This will make your cake look more glamorous.

Lace and Ruffles–lace details of the wedding grown are replicated on the cake itself. Some charm is then added through complex and beautiful appliqué work. Sometimes, small edible pearls are added to make for that fairytale. Moreover, adding ruffles adds to its romantic charm. The big picture aimed for is classic, chic, romantic and elegance personified. Your wedding cake will be picture perfect and awe inspiring.

Flowers – an all time favourite decoration is flowers. Mostly they are done up in whites and pale whites but, this trend is now changing. Brides want to add a dash of colour and yet keep the traditional charm. This can be achieved by keeping the fondant covering the entire cake white or off white and then adding that splash of colour through strategically placed flowers. These flowers will be completely edible and spray or brush painted using edible food colours. Yet another trend is to paint colourful flowers on to the cakeindex2220 directly. So, if you want this modern and chic look then “Iced With Elegance”, will not disappoint you.

Writings – this is the most recent trend. It gives the classic, modern or traditional wedding cake a personal touch. Bride and groom can get their wedding vows painted on to the cake. Or they can make use of their favourite verse from the bible. The choice of wordings is unlimited a favourite quote or a romantic poem can also find their way on the cake. Artistically written, these words will compliment the cake and make it look very elegant.

Monograms – as a cake topper these have been in much use. In doing things differently, this monogram has now been worked into the design of the cake itself. If you want it prominently displayed then the monogram along with other embellishments can have a tier of their own. Else, it can be worked into the scroll work of the entire cake. Either way, it will enhance the beauty of your wedding cake and personalise it at the same time.

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